[Diplomag N ° 16] Togo’s international public action


DiploMag, the information magazine of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has just been published.

In this issue, a reminder of the recent diplomatic initiatives of Togo, ECOWAS summit on Guinea Bissau, projects to introduce a single currency in West Africa, President Faure Gnassingbe’s visit to Qatar, head of the diplomacy in Namibia, strengthening cooperation with Gabon and Israel.

DiploMag also emphasizes the willingness of the ECOWAS – currently chaired by Faure Gnassingbe – to strengthen ties with ECCAS, the organization of Central African countries, to fight more effectively against terrorism.

In the opening editorial, Foreign Minister Robert Dussey says, “Togo is taking part in international public action and working hard on the diplomatic scene to help meet the challenges of peaceful coexistence. , international peace and security, solidarity and development ‘.


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