Invest in Togo


The Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public establishment.

A true interface between the business world and the public authorities, it has an advisory and representative mission. It also provides consulting, support, information, training and management of industrial and commercial services.

For this purpose at the national level, it is an organ of:

  • Reception, information, and assistance of economic operators,
  • Advice on all matters relating to the business environment,
  • Training (professional, technical, seminars …)
  • Creation and management of infrastructure and/or public facilities (bus stations, airports, shops …). More information…


eRegulations Togo is an online information service offered by the Free  Zone Administration Corporation  (SAZOF) with the support of the Ministry of Industry, the Free Zone and Technological Innovations to facilitate the efforts of entrepreneurs and investors who wish to develop economic activity in Togo. SAZOF and the Ministry wish to improve administrative transparency and the quality of the service offered to economic operators. More information…


On the threshold of globalization and with a view to improving the business environment in Togo, the Government created by Decree No. 2000-091 / PR of November 8, 2000, a Center of Formalities of Enterprises (CFE) of the territory customs.

This Business Formalities Center operates in the form of a “One Stop Shop” where all the formalities for creating, modifying and dissolving companies are carried out. More information…


The mission assigned to the Free Zones Administration Corporation is to manage the status of free zone and contribute to the improvement of the business environment in Togo. This important mission is as follows:

  • Promotion of Togo as the first choice destination of the investor,
  • Research and identification of investors to create businesses,
  • Study and evaluation of investment projects and granting of the approval,
  • Finally assistance to companies in accomplishing their various tasks through its one-stop shop.

It is strong of these attributions that it remains the address of choice of the investor. More information…


The Port of Lome has enormous potentialities that make it a real breakout pole on the West African coast. With a depth of 14 meters, the Port of Lomé is the only deep-water port on the West African coast that can accommodate 3rd generation ships. More information…


GNASSINGBE Eyadema International Airport is located in the North East of the city 5 km from Lomé City Hall. It is served by the Boulevard de la Paix. The total area of the airport occupies an area of 413 ha.

SALT is in charge of managing the facilities at Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport in Lomé. According to Decree No. 89 / PR of 20 June 1989 on the concession of Lomé International Airport, SALT must “ensure the establishment, maintenance, renewal and development of works, land, buildings, installations, equipment and services necessary for the operation of the airport and related activities, with the exception of air traffic entrusted to ASECNA “.

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