Maritime safety: consultations between Togo and Cameroon


In June 2013, Cameroon had organized the first summit on maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea, became one of the most affected regions of the world by piracy.

Pursuant to a resolution of the United Nations Security Council, States of ECOWAS and ECCAS were invited to set up a regional, multi-strategy against maritime piracy and armed robbery in the waters territorial.

Three years later, another summit taking place this time in Togo under the auspices of the African Union with the aim of achieving the adoption of a binding Charter.

This question was at the center of a Friday interview at United Nations Headquarters in New York between the presidents of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé, and Cameroon, Paul Biya.

The next Lomé summit is in line with the recommendations of Yaounde, but African states want to go further given the threats posed piracy and trafficking on maritime trade, regional trade.

For the Togolese authorities, maritime insecurity is also a hindrance to development.


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