ogo, fifth African country best connected by sea (UNCTAD)

(Togo Official) – Togo is the fifth African country in terms of maritime connectivity, according to the 2018 report on maritime transport published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

With an index of 35.9, the country ranks behind Morocco (71.5), Grand Champion, Egypt (70.3), South Africa (40.1) and Djibouti (37).

This performance is the result of the many investments made in recent years by the Togolese government to modernize the country’s logistics infrastructure, including the Port of Lomé, the only deep-sea basin in the sub-region.

Assisted by the transhipment hub of Lomé’s port infrastructure, Togo has seen a sharp improvement in its maritime transport connectivity index since 2010, taking the lead in terms of container traffic in the sub-region.

In less than a decade, the country has more than doubled its performance with a clear jump between 2015 and 2016. Initially 14.2 in 2010, the maritime connectivity index has risen to 33.9 in 2017, then 35 , 9 in 2018.

Thus, it maintains its second place in sub-Saharan Africa, behind South Africa and the leading economy in terms of GDP of the continent, Nigeria (Djibouti is classified in the MENA zone).

On a global scale, China remains the major player in maritime connectivity, with an index of 187.8, far ahead of Singapore (133.9) and the Republic of Korea (118.8) for the top three. Hong Kong (China) ranks 4th with 133.5 points.

This report “Review Of Maritime Transport” is the main United Nations publication analyzing maritime trade, the world fleet, transport costs, port traffic and the latest developments in the legal and regulatory frameworks of international maritime transport.

Source: www.republiquetogolaise.com

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